Admin Training Module
1 Admin Training Module1 Aadhaar Client Registration Download
2 Admin Training Module2 Aadhaar Installation Setup Manual Download
3 Admin Training Module3 Aadhaar Registrar Integration Manual Download
4 Admin Training Module4 Enrolment Client Operator Manual Download
5 Admin Training Module5 Enrolment Client ReadMe Download
6 Admin Training Module6 FAQ UID Download
7 Admin Training Module7 User Management Toolkit Download
Training Module
1 Training Module1 UID and AADHAR Download
2 Training Module2 Aadhaar Enrolment Process Download
3 Training Module3 Setting up & Managing an Enrolment Centre Download
4 Training Module4 Basics of Hardware Devices Download
5 Training Module5 Working with Biometric Devices Download
6 Training Module6 Aadhaar Enrolment Client Download
7 Training Module7 Handling Exceptions and Grievances Download