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UIDAI has a detailed strategy for making training available for all the interested stakeholders. To achieve efficient training, UIDAI has developed complete training content by CMC Ltd with the assistance of subject matter experts from the Technology Team, Project Management Unit (PMU) and other senior officials at UIDAI. The content is updated from time to time to incorporate changes in Aadhhar systems and processes. To enable greater dissemination of training content, the training content has been made available in this website. The training content has been posted on this website for reference and guidance for training agencies, registrars, enroling agencies etc.

The Training Content-Objectives:
  • To help Understand UIDAI Eco-system
  • To make the target audience aware about key goals and objectives of Aadhaar
  • To impart knowledge about processes which need to be followed to ensure the success of the Aadhaar initiative by the UIDAI
  • To help understand how to setup and manage an Enrolment Centre
  • To train on various types of devices which are required for enroling residents
  • To familiarize the target audience with the Aadhaar Enrolment Client
  • Train on Handling of exceptional cases during the enrolment process
  • Sensitize the target audience on handling residents, their concerns and objections
  • Educate the various stakeholders such as PRI/ULB members and DLOs etc on their Role in Aadhaar program
Child Enrolment Light Client Related Content
The following materials cater to the roles: How to run CBT module
Aadhaar enrolment client-enrolment procedure end to end animation (CBT on 2.0)
Training Film

Film based training is a proven methodology to train the frontline staff effectively. UIDAI has developed 2 training films to train the operators/supervisors and residents. A training module has also been developed around the operator’s film, which may be used by any trainer interacting with the operators/supervisors. The film can be downloaded from the link available on the UIDAI website training page.

Training film for Operators- AADHAAR-SHILA 32:12 Aadhaarshila
Film for Residents - Anokhi Pehchan 32:14 Aadhaarshila
Film for Residents - Anokhi Pehchan(Abridged Version) 15:10  
Training Circulars

Click here for download.

Master Trainer’s Training/TOT

Master Trainer’s Training program or TOT (Training of Trainers) programs is intended to create a pool of trainers and to refresh their learning from time to time. These trainers impart training to various stakeholders in the Aadhaar ecosystem such as Enrolment agency staff, the members of Panchayati Raj Institutions and Urban local Bodies (PRIs and ULBs), District level officers (DLOs).

During phase 1 of Aadhaar enrolments the focus was on identifying and training the trainers so that they could deliver various training programs under Aadhaar program. The training programs delivered by these trainers focus on building skills and bridging knowledge gaps on one hand and sensitizing the members of local body and district level officials on the other. .In phase 1 over 200 such trainers were trained in 6 Master Trainer’s Training Program.

Some adjustments have been made to the Master Trainer’s Training Program in phase 2. The changes have been made in the delivery, content updating methodology, selection of participants for the TOTs and the duration of the program. To ensure that the trainers are proficient in the local languages and are aware of field learning at local level, ROs have been given the responsibility of anchoring the programs in their respective States & UTs. The ROs can identify the trainers from training agencies empanelled by UIDAI, from the EAs and RO’s own resources such as SSAs, PSAs and ADGs. Also, the trainers can be from ATIs and other state/district level institutions and representatives of Registrar. The programs are to be conducted more frequently so as to ensure that the identified trainer’s stay updated. The duration has also been reduced to 1-2 days as all the identified resources already possess the basic knowledge about Aadhhar’s processes and systems. The ROs can also consider involving the field coaches under recently started Aadhaar Field Performance Coaching (AFPC) in the TOTs. The TOTs may be conducted in classroom and in virtual mode as the need be. This arrangement will enable quick roll out of orientation/refresher and other training programs and include larger number of participants in these programs. Pool of trainers trained in the TOTs will be available to the ROs to conduct program thus offering benefits of the scale and size. Also it will enable the ROs to train Operators/supervisors on systems processes specific to a particular registrar thus achieving the objective of customization.

Orientation/Refresher program of EA staff

Orientation /refresher training was introduced by UIDAI to staff of EA involved in enrolment process. The program would continue in Enrolment phase -2. The ROs would continue anchoring these programs.

Since these programs are meant for a target group that has a reasonably sound foundation, the duration of the program is kept 1 day. The program is being conducted in class room mode . In phase 2 the program should be conducted in a manner that each EA supervisor receives this training at least once in a quarter. The programs is conducted in the premises of ROs or some other place such as state training institutes etc.. As regards resource person to impart refresher training, it is conducted by trainers trained in Master Trainer’s Training programs. Supervisors participating in the refresher/orientation program shall be assessed and certified on their learning during the workshop.

PRI/ULB and DLO Programs

Panchayati Raj and Urban Local bodies have an important role under Aadhaar program. The members of these bodies act as opinion leaders and influencers and play an important role in mobilizing the residents. Apart from this they act as introducers and also help ensure smooth enrolment activity at the enrolment centers. To sensitize and educate the PRI and ULB members about their role in Aadhaar program a half a day program has been prepared. The module is available on the website. The program has been translated in local languages by various ROs and many such programs have been organized already.

Testing and Certification

UIDAI has prescribed mandatory certification for enrolment personnel to ensure adherence to quality aspects. UIDAI has appointed Sify and NSE.IT as testing and certification agencies (TCA) to conduct on-line testing to assess the individual's ability to carry out enrolments according to its prescribed standards. Currently testing and certification is available for following roles-

  • Enrolment Operator
  • Enrolment Supervisor

Testing agencies conduct the test and certification process for the enrolment operators and supervisors. The aspirant can visit the UIDAI website for the information on testing and certification process. The links to Sify and NSE.IT”s portal are available on the website. On the portal, the aspirant can register, pay the fee, select the level of test and get the certificate after successful completion of the test. The portals of the two TCAs contain details such as registration process, city-wise test centers and respective start & end dates of these events etc.

As per the UIDAI 's new testing and certification policy "The candidates must schedule their test within 6 months of depositing the fee, failing which, their fee shall be forfeited and they shall not be allowed to appear for the test against that fee."

The links to the portal of the agencies are as under: