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1 Tender for House Keeping Services at UIDAI, RO, Hyderabad for the year 2015-16 View
2 Corrigendum 4: Extension of Time of the Tender pertaining to “Hiring of Service Provider for GRCP Services (GRCP-SP) for UIDAI" View
3 NIT for Hiring Housekeeping Service in UIDAI Head Office, New Delhi View
4 Corrigendum 5 on Tender no T/11014/33/2014-Tech/1 View
5 Tender Enquiry - Contract for providing Comprehensive AMC of IT Equipments Installed in Office of UIDAI HQ View
6 Corrigendum against RFP No. Hartron/RFP/ESG/UID/2014/01 dt. 10/12/2014 for Supply, Commissioning and Maintenance of Biometric Devices for UID Enrollment at different locations throughout the state of Haryana View
7 Add ons / Modifications to RFE 2014 View
8 RFP for Empanelment of Enrolment Agencies for SBI Aadhaar Project at State Bank of India - For more details, visit View
9 Aadhaar Kendra Registrar -Aadhaar Kendra registrar OM, Aadhaar Kendra Registrar Policy and MoU template View
10 RFP for selection of EAs View