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# Title Action
1 Invitation for Quotations for Providing Leased Family Accomodation for CISF Personnel of UIDAI Office Complex View
2 RFQ for engagement of EAs to run the PECs Under MTNL Mumbai Registrar View
3 RFE of Advertising Agencies for Aadhaar Multimedia Campaign for Regional Office, Chandigarh View
4 NIT for Hiring Taxi Services-2015 in UIDAI Head Office, New Delhi View
5 Clarification of Hiring Taxi Service in UIDAI HQ View
6 Invitation of Quotations for providing Leased Office Accomodation for UIDAI RO Chandigarh View
7 Notice for Technical Bid Opening regarding Hiring of GRCP-SP for UIDAI View
8 NIT on hiring of vehicles by UIDAI RO Lucknow View
9 Tender Enquiry - Contract for providing Comprehensive AMC of IT Equipments Installed in Office of UIDAI HQ, New Delhi View
10 RFP for Designing, Printing, Transportation and fixing of Foam Boards in PECs located in Mee - Seva centres in the State of Andhra Pradesh View