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# Title Action
1 Notice inviting tender for hiring of agency for printing works View
2 RFE of Advertising and Creative Agencies for UIDAI HQ, New Delhi View
3 Invitation for Quotations for Providing Leased Family Accomodation for CISF Personnel of UIDAI Office Complex View
4 RFQ for engagement of EAs to run the PECs Under MTNL Mumbai Registrar View
5 RFE of Advertising Agencies for Aadhaar Multimedia Campaign for Regional Office, Chandigarh View
6 NIT for Hiring Taxi Services-2015 in UIDAI Head Office, New Delhi View
7 Clarification of Hiring Taxi Service in UIDAI HQ View
8 Invitation of Quotations for providing Leased Office Accomodation for UIDAI RO Chandigarh View
9 Notice for Technical Bid Opening regarding Hiring of GRCP-SP for UIDAI View
10 NIT on hiring of vehicles by UIDAI RO Lucknow View