Who is an Address Verifier?

An Address Verifier can be a family member, relative, friends, landlord who is willing to let you use their address as proof. Address Verifier must have the same address registered in his/her Aadhaar.

Please note:

  • Both resident and Address Lender/Verifier are required to have their mobile numbers registered in their respective Aadhaar.
  • Both resident and Address Lender/Verifier will be required to get authenticated via OTP
  • The Address Lender/Verifier must be willing to give his/her consent allowing the Resident to use his/her address to be updated in resident's Aadhaar.
  • Both Resident & Verifier are required to be in synch while the Request for Address Validation Letter is still in process.
  • In case the Address Verifier misses giving consent within stipulated time the request will be invalid. The Resident will be required to initiate the process again.