How to raise request for generation of “Aadhaar Validation Letter”?

In order to send a Request for Address Validation Letter you will have to visit or and select “Request Aadhaar Validation Letter” option under Aadhaar Update Section. This will open Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) in which you will be required to follow the steps given bellow.

Stage 1: Resident initiates request for Address Validation Letter

  1. Log in with Aadhaar
  2. Enter Verifier's Aadhaar
  3. Submit

Stage 2: Consent by address Verifier

  1. Verifier receives SMS with link to give consent for the update
  2. Verifier clicks on the link and receives second SMS with OTP for verification
  3. Enters this OTP, captcha and verifies
  4. Resident gets SRN via SMS

Stage 3: Resident receives confirmation of Verifier consent

  1. Log in with SRN
  2. Preview Address
  3. Edit Local Language (if required)
  4. Submit

Stage 4: Resident received Letter

  1. Address Validation Letter with Secret Code sent to verifier's address via Post
  2. Resident visits SSUP and clicks on 'Proceed to Update Address' link
  3. Logs in with Aadhaar
  4. Select option to 'Update Address via Secret Code'
  5. Enter Secret Code
  6. Review the new address and submit
  7. Note your Update Request Number (URN) shown on screen