Request for Address Validation Letter

Can I become an Address Verifier if I have updated address in my Aadhaar using Validation Letter?keyboard_arrow_down
I do not have any document proof of my address. Can I still update my address in my Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What is an Address Validation Letter?keyboard_arrow_down
Who is an Address Verifier?keyboard_arrow_down
How to raise request for generation of “Aadhaar Validation Letter”? keyboard_arrow_down
What will happen after generation of secret code for Aadhaar Validation Letter?keyboard_arrow_down
My verifier does not have registered mobile number. How can I use this service then?keyboard_arrow_down
Why does it show my verifier’s name in the new address on screen?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I edit the information in the address section on screen?keyboard_arrow_down
What is SRN?keyboard_arrow_down
I have submitted the request for address validation letter. How can I track this?keyboard_arrow_down
When and at which address will I get the secret code?keyboard_arrow_down
How will I get to know about the delivery status of Address Validation Letter?keyboard_arrow_down
I have received SRN for my request. Till when will I receive the address validation letter with the secret code?keyboard_arrow_down
I have completed the process and received a URN. Does this mean that my address has been updated?keyboard_arrow_down
Will I get a new Aadhaar letter by post with the updated address?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I use the Secret Code again if my request got rejected due to some error?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the address validation letter service?keyboard_arrow_down
What is URN?keyboard_arrow_down