Aadhaar serves as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India. Aadhaar letter received via India Post and e-Aadhaar downloaded from UIDAI website are equally valid.

MoUs Signed

UIDAI in conjunction with State Governments and other partners is committed to deliver Aadhaar to residents. To achieve this UIDAI has signed a number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which are listed below:


Enrolment Form

Enrolment Form- For State of Punjab


List of Nodal Officers

Registrar Onboarding Documents

The UIDAI has prepared a set of documents for the registrars to assist them in the enrolment process. Constant additions and newer versions of these documents will be put up on the website as and when required.

Aadhaar Overview Documents
Financial Assistance to Registrars
Process Manuals and Guidelines
Enrolment & Update Archive
Assistance to Registrars
Sanction Orders 2013
List of Empanelled Enrolment Agencies

The UIDAI has empanelled a number of enrolment agencies which can be engaged by the registrars for the purposes of enrolling residents for Aadhaar. The list of empanelled enrolment agencies is provided below:

Empanelment of Consultants and Software Solution Providers
Eligibility criteria and terms & condition for empanelment of Enrolment agencies
Guidelines to EAs
RFE 2014
RFQ 2014
RFQ 2015
Aadhaar Kendra Registrar