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Training for Seeding, Authentication & FI

The UIDAI offers an authentication service that makes it possible for the residents to authenticate their identity biometrically through presentation of their fingerprints and/or Iris and/or non-biometrically using a One Time Password (OTP) sent to their registered mobile number.

In addition, UIDAI also provides e-KYC services, through which the KYC process can be performed electronically with explicit authorization by residents in real-time. This service makes it possible for service providers to provide instant service delivery to residents, which otherwise would have taken a few days for activation based on the verification of KYC documents, digitization, etc.

Aadhaar platform can also be leveraged by various government, public and private sector agencies to efficiently deliver services to the residents by the process of Seeding. In Seeding process, UIDs of consenting residents are accurately included after de-duplication in the service delivery data base of the service providers for enabling Aadhaar based service delivery.

Training materials have been developed for the seeding operators as well as other stakeholders to get detailed knowledge about Seeding, Authentication, e-KYC, Financial Inclusion (FI) and Aadhaar enabled process in form of Learner Guide (PDF), PPT and CBT (Computer Based Training).

Training Material

Aadhaar Seeding, Authentication Related Processes and Financial Inclusion (FI)

Training Content

Aadhaar Seeding

Financial Inclusion

For Seeding Operator

Training material in the form of learner guide (PDF format), PPT Format and Computer Based Training (CBT) is available below for the Seeding Operators to understand the complete Seeding eco-system and get detailed knowledge about Authentication, e- KYC, Seeding and Aadhaar enabled Process.

Topic GuidePPTCBT

Understanding of Aadhaar Seeding - Learner Guide

Understanding of Aadhaar Seeding - Trainer Guide


Authentication Process



Financial Inclusion (FI) and Authentication Related Processes

Training material in PPT Format and Word Document is available below for using Micro ATM Device and its application software as well as Authentication Process. Also, it has details information about handling the errors codes and troubleshooting the application software.

Topic GuidePPT

Financial Inclusion & Authentication -Trainer Guide


Financial Inclusion & Authentication –Ready Reckoner


Financial Inclusion & Authentication –Quick Reference Guide for Business Correspondent