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Recently Asked Questions

Is it possible to link Mobile Number with Aadhaar through OTP? What is the procedure to link Mobile Number with Aadhaar?
What is TOTP?
Why to use TOTP?
How TOTP is generated?
How to configure?
How is Aadhaar different from any other identity issued by the government?
Is it mandatory to enrol for Aadhaar to file tax returns or apply for PAN in India? If yes, then what is the process for NRIs?
Can we register/ change mobile number online?
Service Provider not accepting e-Aadhaar copy. What to do?
I want to give up my Aadhaar. How and what needs to be done?
Can NRIs also get Aadhaar?
What is the process if NRI / OCI holder needs to apply for Aadhaar? And if they don't have their own residential address in India now?
My name is different in PAN and Aadhaar. It is not allowing me to link both. What to do?
My date of birth in PAN and Aadhaar do not match. Not able to link them. Please help.
Will my PAN become non-functional if I do not link it to Aadhaar?
Resident wanted to apply for income Tax return but Aadhaar data showing mismatch?
Resident facing an error while filing online income tax return, while authenticating with Aadhaar Number?
I am unable to access Aadhaar online services / Website from outside India. Please suggest?
How to update my Aadhaar in ration card?
Name different in Aadhaar vis-à-vis service delivery database?
My fingers do not work, when asked to place them on finger print device?
Have multiple accounts, where will I receive the money of benefit transfer?
Do I need Aadhaar to get my DBT?
How do I change my account where to receive DBT funds?
How would I know that DBT funds have come to my account?
What all can I do using a Bank mitra, who visits my village?
How does Aadhaar based DBT help me as a beneficiary?
Why are Government schemes asking for Aadhaar?
I have received blue color of Aadhaar of card for my child. Is it Valid?

FAQ on Enrolment & Update

Enrolment Partners/Ecosystem Partners

Who is a Registrar?
How does the Registrar get started on UIDAI project?
What are the Responsibilities of the Registrar under the Aadhaar Project?
Who is an Enrolment Agency (EA)?
Are EAs allowed to sub-contract Enrolment Work?
What are the Preparatory Activities that an EA must do prior to starting enrolments?
Who is an Operator and what are his/her qualifications?
What are the Fifteen Commandments that an Operator must remember during Resident Enrolment?
What are the UIDAI Guidelines for Demographic Data Capture?
What are the UIDAI Guidelines for Biometric Data Capture?
How does the Operator Review Data with the Resident?
What Does the Operator do after Capturing Demographic and Biometric Data of the Resident?
What are the Document Scanning Guidelines of UIDAI?
How does the Operator perform Correction in Resident’s Data?
Who is a Supervisor and what are his/her qualifications?
What are the responsibilities of an EA’s Supervisor?
Who is a Verifier?
What are the responsibilities of a Verifier?
What are the UIDAI Guidelines for Verification that the Verifier must keep in mind while verifying the Documents?
How are Residents without documents Enroled in Aadhaar?
Who is an Introducer?
What are the Responsibility of an Introducer?
What are the Liabilities of an Introducer?

FAQ on About UIDAI

Aadhaar Enrolment Process

Where can I enrol for Aadhaar?
What are the documents required for enrolment for Aadhaar?
Do I need to bring original documents for Aadhaar enrolment?
Do I have to pay any fee for Aadhaar enrolment?
What kind of data gets captured during Aadhaar Enrolment?
Is there any online method of getting Enroled for Aadhaar?
Can I get myself Enroled for Aadhaar just by sending required documents by Post?
What if my demographic details mentioned on acknowledgement / enrolment slip are not matching with supporting documents?
How can I get the details corrected after 96 hours?
Can I get Enroled for Aadhaar if any of my fingers or iris is missing?
Is it mandatory to provide mobile number or email for Aadhaar enrolment?
Is there any age limit for Aadhaar enrolment?
How much time it takes to get my Aadhaar generated after the enrolment?
How will I come to know that my Aadhaar has been generated?
Can I get my Aadhaar letter downloaded online after it is generated?
Does the online downloaded Aadhaar letter have same validity as that of original?
I have lost my Enrolment ID slip/ Aadhaar letter, is there any way of finding the same?
I have Enroled for Aadhaar multiple times but have not received my Aadhaar letter. What should I do in this case?
I have received SMS on my mobile that my Aadhaar is rejected, what should I do?
I don’t have required documents for enrolment of Aadhaar, can I still enroll?
What are Resident’s responsibilities in ensuring that his/her enrolment does not get rejected?
Whether the Ration card NEREGA Card etc can be accepted as Valid Proof of Identity/Address for the family members listed in the document in case they do not have separate PoI or PoA document?
Whether UIDAI has defined process to be followed for Family enrolments?
What is the option if the address indicated on the PoA document appears to be inadequate for postal delivery? Can additional information from the residents be accepted?
Where multiple address proofs are available for a resident (eg. present and native), which proof would UIDAI accept, and where will it send Aadhaar Letter?