How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Number with SMS service?

For Locking Aadhaar Number:

Send OTP request as -> GETOTPLAST 4 or 8 DIGITs of Aadhaar Number Then send Locking Request as -> LOCKUIDLast 4 or 8 DIGIT of Aadhaar Number6 DIGIT OTP

You will get a confirmation message for your request. Once it is locked you will not be able to perform any form of Authentication (Biometric, Demographic or OTP) using your Aadhaar Number. However, you can still use your latest Virtual ID for performing Authentication.

For Un-Locking Aadhaar Number you must have your latest Virtual ID.

Send OTP request with last 6 or 10 DIGITs of Virtual ID number as ->

GETOTPLAST 6 or 10 DIGITs Virtual ID

Then send Unlocking Request as -> UNLOCKUIDLAST 6 or 10 DIGIT Virtual ID 6 DIGIT OTP