Enrolment Partners


The Unique Identification Authority of India is at the heart of this ecosystem, and is responsible for the definition of these relationships, and the core infrastructure. It is also responsible for measuring, and monitoring the performance of the system, and driving it towards delivering on its goals.


Registrar is an entity authorized or recognized by the UIDAI for the purpose of enrolling individuals. They are partner to UIDAI vide a MoU and responsible for abiding by the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. Since the registrars actively engage in the collection of data from the residents, they have access to the data from the point of collection. Registrars shall carry the enrolment of resident by themselves or through enrolment agencies contracted by them. Registrars shall have option to contract with empanelled enrolment agencies or any other agencies found suitable by them following their own system of contracting such agencies.

Enrolment Agencies

Enrolling Agency means an agency appointed by the Authority or a Registrar, as the case may be, for collecting demographic and biometric information of individuals during the enrolment process. These agencies are empanelled by the UIDAI after verification of financial and technical capabilities of the organization. They are responsible for monitoring the field activities, adhering to field policies, conducting appropriate operator/supervisor training, ensuring that resident data is being sent to CIDR in timely manner. The Enrolment Agencies shall setup the Enrolment Centres for enrolment of resident as well as correction or update of resident data.

Operators / Supervisors

The Operator employed by the Enrolment Agencies will be responsible to enrol the residents and capture the demographic information as given in the form & capture the biometric information using the enrolment software. The Operator shall collect the physical/electronic copy of supporting document or convert it into electronic format as per the process defined by authority.

The Operators perform the enrolment, while the Supervisors manage the centre. The Supervisors are responsible for the adherence to processes, data quality, and exception management. The Supervisors can perform the enrolment also. The Operators and Supervisors must have Aadhaar numbers, and be certified before they can handle enrolment operations.

Content Development Agencies (CDAs)

UIDAI engages Content Development Agencies to develop training materials for Operators/Supervisors. CDAs use the documentation and new client releases to create training materials, including computer based training materials for Operators/Supervisors. The training materials for each release are available to the enrolment agencies and others from the UIDAI website.

Testing & Certification Agencies (TCAs)

UIDAI engages Testing and Certification Agencies to certify new operators/supervisors. An operator/supervisor who is trained, and has already been issued Aadhaar, can appear for the certification test. The Testing and Certification Agencies provide certification result to the UIDAI, enrolment agencies, as well as to the Operator/Supervisor.

Biometric Device Certification

STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) Directorate, an attached office of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India, is the nodal agency appointed to carry out specifications as well as certification activity for enrolment and authentication devices requirements for the UIDAI. All the device specifications are hosted on STQC website and extensive certification activities are carried out at STQC labs at Mohali and New Delhi, which are equipped with state of art equipment to test and certify biometric devices. For more information, refer to STQC website.