About Authentication Service Agencies (ASA)


ASAs are agencies that have established secured leased line connectivity with the CIDR compliant with UIDAI’s standards and specifications. ASAs offer their UIDAI-compliant network connectivity as a service to requesting entities (such as AUAs/KUAs) and transmit their authentication requests to CIDR.

Appointment of Authentication Service Agenciess

  • Entities seeking appointment as Authentication Service Agencies shall apply for appointment to the Authority per the procedure as may be specified by the Authority for this purpose. Only those entities that fulfill the criteria laid down in Schedule A of Regulation 12 (2) of the Aadhaar (authentication and offline verification) (second amendment) Regulations, 2023 are eligible to apply. The Authority may by order, amend Schedule A from time to time to modify the eligibility criteria.
  • The Authority may require the applicant to furnish further information or clarifications, regarding matters relevant to the activity of Authentication Service Agencies, as the case may be, which may otherwise be considered necessary by the Authority, to consider and dispose of the application.
  • The applicant shall furnish such information and clarification to the satisfaction of the Authority, within the time as may be specified in this regard by the Authority.
  • While considering the application, the information furnished by the applicant and its eligibility, the Authority may verify the information through physical verification of documents, infrastructure, and technological support which the applicant is required to have.
  • After verification of the application, documents, information furnished by the applicant and its eligibility, the Authority may:
    a. approve the application for Authentication Service Agency, as the case may be; and
    b. enter into appropriate agreements with the entity or agency incorporating the terms and conditions for use by ASAs, including damages and disincentives for non-performance of obligations.
  • The Authority may from time to time, determine the fees and charges payable by entities during their appointment, including application fees, annual subscription fees and fees for individual Authentication transactions.

ASA Responsibilities and Data Securities

For ASA Responsibilities and Data Securities the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and its regulations may be referred