Registrar is an entity authorised or recognised by the UIDAI for the purpose of enrolling individuals. They are partner to UIDAI vide a MOU and responsible for abiding by the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. They are primarily various state governments, central ministries, banks and public sector organizations who have signed MOU with UIDAI for enrolment of residents.

Who can be Registrars?

"Registrar" is an entity authorized or recognized by the Authority for the purpose of enrolling the individuals for UID numbers. Registrars are typically departments or agencies of the State Government/Union territory, public sector undertakings and other agencies and organizations who interact with residents, in the normal course of implementation of some of their programs, activities or operations. Examples of such Registrars are Rural Development Department (for NREGS) or Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department (for TPDS), insurance companies such as Life Insurance Corporation and Banks.

How to be a Registrar?

At this stage, the UIDAI has primarily engaged with state governments, central ministries, and financial institutions. The UIDAI has entered into MoU's with each registrar where the roles and responsibilities are defined and has to be abided. The signed MoU allows the registrar to start the enrolment of resident either on their own or by selection of enrolment agencies.

State and Non-State Registrars

The State Government/Union Territory agencies working as Registrar for UIDAI are State Registrar. All the banks and the public sector undertakings who sign a MoU act as Non State Registrar.

Roles & Responsibilities of Registrar

  • Partner with the UIDAI and leverage the ecosystem defined by the UIDAI in implementing the enrolment process
  • Only use the software provided by UIDAI for enrolment purpose, which will have the provision of capturing audit data as part of enrolment packet against each enrolment / update for traceability of enrolment client, operator, supervisor, enrolment agency, registrar, and any other information.
  • The equipment such as computer, printer, biometric devices and other accessories shall be as per the specification prescribed by the authority from time to time.
  • The biometric devices used for enrolment shall meet the specification prescribed by UIDAI as well as certified as per the process prescribed by the Authority.
  • Engage Enrolment Agencies for enrolment of resident, conduct training of the agencies and regular monitoring.
  • Ensure that standard defined by UIDAI is followed in terms of technology, devices and processes including in training, awareness building, enrolment, authentication etc.
  • Registrars shall carry the enrolment of resident by themselves or through enrolment agencies contracted by them. Registrars shall have option to contract with empanelled enrolment agencies or any other agencies found suitable by them following their own system of contracting such agencies..
  • Ensure that all the enrolment packets have been transferred to CIDR within specified time using secured FTP channel only.
  • Ensure relevant security protection for data collected during the same; retain safe copies of supporting documents and provide access to UIDAI as and when required
  • Partner with Civil Society Organisations and other outreach groups to maximise enrolment of marginalised residents
  • Setup process for grievance resolution, monitoring EA performance etc. as defined by the UIDAI; provide assistance to UIDAI in resolving matters of dispute

Registrar Onboarding Documents

The UIDAI has a well-defined process for onboarding of Registrar and there exists set of documents for the registrars to assist them in the enrolment process. All the documents relevant to the Registrar will always be updated and available on the website for reference. The approved list of onboarded registrar and the relevant MoU will be available on the website.

The registrar needs to define a strategy to cover the enrolment of residents in the selected area for which the EA has to be selected through the RFQ/RFP model. The UIDAI has a list of empanelled agency whose, technical and financial profile has been verified by technical committee and is ready to start the enrolment.

The Model RFQ for selection of EA has been developed by UIDAI as a reference document and is available on the website. The document needs to be modified as per the requirement of the registrar and the geographical location in which registrar plans to start enrolment.

The registrar needs to select EA based on the following criteria

  • Technical and financial capability
  • Volume of enrolment
  • Schedule of the enrolment proceedings in the area
  • Data storage requirement and
  • Enrolment infrastructure provisioning

Registrar's Role in Inclusion

The Registrar will have to take special measures to enrol women, children, senior citizens, persons with disability, unskilled and unorganised workers, and nomadic tribes or to such other persons who do not have any permanent dwelling house and such other categories of individuals.

There should be provision on the Registrar front to include all categories of marginalised / vulnerable groups of individuals who have access to one or more of the supporting documents prescribed by UIDAI and other category of residents, who cannot provide any document to prove their identity.

To the extent possible Registrar shall have provision for woman operators at institutions where only women are to be enrolled. The Registrar shall also make provision for enrolment of newly born Infants at place of birth like hospitals.

Registrar Activities

Following are the activities in which Registrar gets involved

  • Onboarding of Enrolment Agencies
  • Conduct of training and monitoring of enrolment
  • Transfer of the enrolment packets to CIDR for processing
  • Handing over of the enrolment documents in the form of DMS(Document Management System)
  • Verification of the documents collected during enrolment
  • Attend meetings and be updated on the process