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Authentication Portal 

The Authentication portal is designed to include all the artifacts and references to other resources so that any public/private requesting entity is able to use it for enabling easier process of onboarding. The Authentication Portal (also referred to as “Auth Portal”) consists of the following:

Dashboard containing the current highlights of the reports that include yearly trend of Authentication transactions, distribution of UID authenticated in last 12 months, Number of authentication attempts by all live AUAs, AUA wise total UID distribution, Top 5 AUA, Bottom 5 AUA and Top 5 Error Trend for Aadhaar authentication.

  • A notice board reflecting the latest updated information and notifications issued by UIDAI
  • Links to all UIDAI references such as onboarding documents, list of live entities (AUAs, KUAs, ASAs with/without e-KYC services), technical references, user manuals, google group for Aadhaar authentication, FAQs for entities, list of key contacts related to Authentication
  • Key information about Aadhaar Authentication, Seeding, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and its related processes

The auth portal is extensively used by the entities that desire to use authentication services of UIDAI. These entities use auth portal online during the onboarding process. Upon acceptance of enquiry, the entities are issued credentials using which they can apply for AUA, KUA, ASA etc through online mode.

Thus, the entities manage their entire onboarding process of authentication through auth portal.