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Does linking my bank account, PAN, and other services with Aadhaar make me vulnerable?keyboard_arrow_down
Why am I asked to verify Bank account, Demat account, PAN and various other services with Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
Can a fraudster withdraw money from my Aadhaar linked bank account if he knows my Aadhaar number or has my Aadhaar card? Has any Aadhaar holder suffered any financial or other loss or identity theft on account of impersonation or misuse?keyboard_arrow_down
There are many agencies that simply accept physical copy of Aadhaar and do not carry out any biometric or OTP authentication or verification. Is this a good practice?keyboard_arrow_down
What happens if some fraudster who obtains a copy of my Aadhaar card and tries to open a bank account in my name without my knowledge. Will I not be harmed?keyboard_arrow_down
I gave my Aadhaar card to a service provider for proving my identity. Can anyone harm me by knowing and misusing my Aadhaar number?keyboard_arrow_down
If Aadhaar has to be freely used for proving identity and it is safe to do so, then why has UIDAI advised people not to put up their Aadhaar number in Social Media or public domain?keyboard_arrow_down
Recently, UIDAI has issued an advisory asking people not to share their Aadhaar number openly in the public domain especially on Social Media or other public platforms. Does this mean that I should not use Aadhaar freely?keyboard_arrow_down
How do I link PAN with Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Aadhaar smart card or plastic card? Is it mandatory for getting services?keyboard_arrow_down
I applied for Aadhaar earlier but did not get it. So, I re-applied. When will I get my Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
I recently updated my Aadhaar. Can you please expedite it? I need it urgently.keyboard_arrow_down
I updated my Aadhaar recently. But it shows under manual check. When will it get updated?keyboard_arrow_down
After I get Enroled, how long will it take to get my Aadhaar letter? And how do I get my Aadhaar letter?keyboard_arrow_down
What can the Resident do if there are spelling mistakes/other demographic error in his/her Aadhaar Enrolment Slip (96 Hour Correction Window)keyboard_arrow_down
What if Aadhaar letter does not get delivered to a Resident?keyboard_arrow_down
What if Resident misplaces his Aadhaar number?keyboard_arrow_down
Aadhaar letter section - What if a Resident misplaces his Aadhaar letter /forgets his Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What if a Resident gets rejected by the UIDAI and is not issued Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What are rooted devices?keyboard_arrow_down
Does mAadhaar works on rooted devices?keyboard_arrow_down
Is mAadhaar available for iOS?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any mobile specific Android version?keyboard_arrow_down
Why my profile on mAadhaar gets inactive when have changed to new phone with registered mobile number?keyboard_arrow_down
What is the maximum number of profiles can be added in mAadhaar App?keyboard_arrow_down
How to share QR-Code?keyboard_arrow_down
What is registered mobile number?keyboard_arrow_down
Is it compulsory to have registered mobile number to use m-Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Temporary and Permanent Biometric un-Locking?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can unlock their Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can lock their Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
What are biometric locking /Unlocking?keyboard_arrow_down
How to configure?keyboard_arrow_down
How TOTP is generated?keyboard_arrow_down
Why to use TOTP?keyboard_arrow_down
What is TOTP?keyboard_arrow_down
How to share eKYC?keyboard_arrow_down
What is e-KYC? How it is the use of eKYC?keyboard_arrow_down
Where OTP can be entered, received OTP on non-registered mobile number?keyboard_arrow_down
Can mAadhaar app work offline?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any specific format to create password?keyboard_arrow_down
How to avoid entering your password again and again, on opening the app?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can delete Profile from mAadhaar app?keyboard_arrow_down
How to Reset Password?keyboard_arrow_down
How to View Updated Profile in mAadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can view Profile?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can create profile in mAadhaar app?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can m-Aadhaar be used?keyboard_arrow_down
From where do I download m-Aadhaar App?keyboard_arrow_down
Can the Registrar add / remove Introducers at a later stage?keyboard_arrow_down