Aadhaar Enrolment Process

Whether documents submitted in a request will be verified by external authority?keyboard_arrow_down
Is Aadhaar issued to Resident Foreign Nationals will be valid for lifetime ?keyboard_arrow_down
What is the process for Resident Foreign National enrolment ?keyboard_arrow_down
I am Resident Foreign National, can I enrol for Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
Where multiple address proofs are available for a individual (e.g... present and native), which proof would UIDAI accept, and where will it send Aadhaar Letter?keyboard_arrow_down
What is the option if the address indicated on the Proof of Address (PoA) document appears to be inadequate for postal delivery? Can additional information from the individual seeking enrolment can be accepted?keyboard_arrow_down
Whether the Ration Card, MGNREGA Card etc can be accepted as Valid Proof of Identity/Address for the family members listed in the document in case they do not have separate PoI or PoA documents?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the responsibilities of Individuals seeking enrolment in ensuring that his/her enrolment does not get rejected?keyboard_arrow_down
My Aadhaar request is rejected, What should I do?keyboard_arrow_down
I have enrolled for Aadhaar multiple times but have not received my Aadhaar letter. What should I do in this case?keyboard_arrow_down
Does the online downloaded Aadhaar letter have the same validity as that of original?keyboard_arrow_down
Is it mandatory to provide mobile number or email id for Aadhaar enrolment?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I get myself enrolled for Aadhaar just by sending the required documents by Post?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any online method of getting enrolled for Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
Will the refund be provided after cancelling the appointment?keyboard_arrow_down
I lost my Aadhaar and my mobile number is also not registered with Aadhaar. Can I get it at ASK?keyboard_arrow_down
I did not get my Aadhaar Card. Can I get it at Aadhaar Enrolment Centre?keyboard_arrow_down
How will the biometric of the differently abled and people with no fingerprints or rugged hands e.g. beedi workers or people with no fingers be captured?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can I enrol for Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the documents required for enrolment for Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
Do I need to bring original documents for Aadhaar enrolment?keyboard_arrow_down
Do I have to pay any fee for Aadhaar enrolment?keyboard_arrow_down
What kind of data gets captured during Aadhaar Enrolment?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I get Enroled for Aadhaar if any of my fingers or iris is missing?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any age limit for Aadhaar enrolment?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I get my Aadhaar letter downloaded online after it is generated?keyboard_arrow_down