mAadhaar FAQs

What are rooted devices?keyboard_arrow_down
Does mAadhaar works on rooted devices?keyboard_arrow_down
Is mAadhaar available for iOS?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any mobile specific Android version?keyboard_arrow_down
Why my profile on mAadhaar gets inactive when have changed to new phone with registered mobile number?keyboard_arrow_down
What is the maximum number of profiles can be added in mAadhaar App?keyboard_arrow_down
How to share QR-Code?keyboard_arrow_down
What is registered mobile number?keyboard_arrow_down
Is it compulsory to have registered mobile number to use m-Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Temporary and Permanent Biometric un-Locking?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can unlock their Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can lock their Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
What are biometric locking /Unlocking?keyboard_arrow_down
How to configure?keyboard_arrow_down
How TOTP is generated?keyboard_arrow_down
Why to use TOTP?keyboard_arrow_down
What is TOTP?keyboard_arrow_down
How to share eKYC?keyboard_arrow_down
What is e-KYC? How it is the use of eKYC?keyboard_arrow_down
Where OTP can be entered, received OTP on non-registered mobile number?keyboard_arrow_down
Can mAadhaar app work offline?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any specific format to create password?keyboard_arrow_down
How to avoid entering your password again and again, on opening the app?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can delete Profile from mAadhaar app?keyboard_arrow_down
How to Reset Password?keyboard_arrow_down
How to View Updated Profile in mAadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can view Profile?keyboard_arrow_down
How resident can create profile in mAadhaar app?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can m-Aadhaar be used?keyboard_arrow_down
From where do I download m-Aadhaar App?keyboard_arrow_down