Aadhaar Online Services

I have completed the process and received a URN. Does this mean that my address has been updated?keyboard_arrow_down
Will I get a new Aadhaar letter by post with the updated address?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I use the Secret Code again if my request got rejected due to some error?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the address validation letter service?keyboard_arrow_down
What is URN?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Aadhaar Authentication history?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can a resident check his/her Aadhaar Authentication history?keyboard_arrow_down
What is the procedure for checking Aadhaar Authentication history on UIDAI websites?keyboard_arrow_down
What Information resident can get from Aadhaar Authentication history?keyboard_arrow_down
This facility allows me to view maximum 50 authentication records. How can I check more records?keyboard_arrow_down
Some of authentication transactions records are showing as failed, what should I do?keyboard_arrow_down
If I have not performed some of the transactions listed in the records, what should I do?keyboard_arrow_down
What is UIDAI Response Code in the authentication records?keyboard_arrow_down
What is AUA Transaction ID in the authentication records?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Auth Modality?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the UIDAI services?keyboard_arrow_down
What are Error Codes?keyboard_arrow_down
What Is the Password to view Aadhaar Authentication Report?keyboard_arrow_down
What is UIDAI Secure QR Code? How QR Code enhance the security of e-Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What information does new Secure QR Code of e-Aadhaar contain?keyboard_arrow_down
How can someone read new secure QR code available on e-Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
How QR Scanner and UIDAI Application will work?keyboard_arrow_down
Who all can use secure QR code of e-Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Hashing?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the benefits of Hashing?keyboard_arrow_down
Why is it needed for our QR Code Client?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can I find the Public Certificate for Digital Signature validation?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-KYC?keyboard_arrow_down
How to generate Offline Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
Who are the users of this Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-KYC?keyboard_arrow_down
How to share this Paperless Offline eKYC document with the service provider?keyboard_arrow_down
How will service providers use Aadhaar Offline e-KYC?keyboard_arrow_down
Can this Offline Paperless eKYC document be shared to other entities by the Service Provider?keyboard_arrow_down
How this Aadhaar Offline Paperless eKYC document is different from the other identification documents produced offline by residents?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can I find the Public Certificate for Digital Signature validation?keyboard_arrow_down
Who and when to lock Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
How to Unlock (locked)Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
What happens when Biometric is locked?keyboard_arrow_down
What Biometric can be locked?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Biometric Locking?keyboard_arrow_down
I forgot my VID. How can I get it after locking UID?keyboard_arrow_down
How can resident Unlock UID?keyboard_arrow_down
How can resident Lock UID?keyboard_arrow_down
What is UID Lock & Unlock? keyboard_arrow_down
What is Aadhaar SMS Service? keyboard_arrow_down
Do I need to generate OTP for all Aadhaar SMS services?keyboard_arrow_down
How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Number with SMS service?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Virtual ID?keyboard_arrow_down
What does Lock/Unlock Aadhaar mean?keyboard_arrow_down
My SMS is not being sent. What should I do?keyboard_arrow_down