Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

How can I avail the benefits under various Government Schemes including PDS (ration), MGNREGA using my Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
Shall I get benefits if my authentication fails?keyboard_arrow_down
How would I know that DBT funds have come to my account?keyboard_arrow_down
How do I receive benefits under the Govt. Schemes in my bank account?keyboard_arrow_down
I am not getting benefits of the Govt. schemes as I do not have Aadhaar. What shall I do?keyboard_arrow_down
My name is different in Aadhaar vis-à-vis service delivery database. What should I do?keyboard_arrow_down
My fingers do not work, when asked to place them on finger print device?keyboard_arrow_down
I have multiple bank accounts, where will I receive my DBT benefits?keyboard_arrow_down
Why does the Government ask for my Aadhaar for getting benefits under the schemes?keyboard_arrow_down
How can I change my bank account to receive DBT funds?keyboard_arrow_down
My bank branch is located far away. Is there any facility to withdraw DBT funds credited in my bank account at my doorstep?keyboard_arrow_down
How does Aadhaar based DBT help me as a beneficiary?keyboard_arrow_down