Enrolment & Update

What is the validity of exam fee?keyboard_arrow_down
Can the EA/Registrar make Bulk Online Payment, Registration and Scheduling of the candidates’ test/retest?keyboard_arrow_down
Where should contact in case of any problem in Registration?keyboard_arrow_down
How will this test be conducted?keyboard_arrow_down
Where is the NSEIT Test Centre located?keyboard_arrow_down
How many times can I take the test?keyboard_arrow_down
In case I have to take a retest, would I have to pay the fee again?keyboard_arrow_down
Will I have to take the retest in all the modules even If I pass a few modules in first attempt?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there a need of recertification?keyboard_arrow_down
Can Blacklisted Operator/Supervisor get recertified?keyboard_arrow_down
Who will issue the certificate? UIDAI or NSEiT?keyboard_arrow_down
How can I familiarize myself with flow of the test flow?keyboard_arrow_down
Where should contact in case of any Certificate is not available with UIDAI database?keyboard_arrow_down
Where should the candidate contact after certification in case of Freelancer?keyboard_arrow_down
Is there any validity of the Certificate?keyboard_arrow_down
Can the certification fee refundable?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the mandatory requirement to register for the Certification Examkeyboard_arrow_down
How can the candidate register for the Certification Exam?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can I find the list of UIDAI ASKs (Aadhaar Seva Kendras)?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Aadhaar Seva Kendra (ASK)?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the timings of UIDAI ASKs (Aadhaar Seva Kendras)?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I update my Aadhaar at Aadhaar Seva Kendra?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I reschedule/ cancel my appointment?keyboard_arrow_down
Are the service charges different for Aadhaar Seva Kendras?keyboard_arrow_down
I have lost my Enrolment ID slip/ Aadhaar letter, is there any way of finding the same? keyboard_arrow_down
I have lost my Enrolment ID slip/ Aadhaar letter, Is there any way of finding the same? Unfortunately, my mobile number is not registered with Aadhaar. keyboard_arrow_down
Whether I have to pay again if my previous update request was rejected? keyboard_arrow_down
When can I have a refund of the fee charged for the update request cancelled by me? keyboard_arrow_down
What details can I update through the online demographics update service?keyboard_arrow_down
What changes can I do to my name in Aadhaar online update request? keyboard_arrow_down
My update request status is "rejected"; will I get the refund of the fee? keyboard_arrow_down
My update request got rejected for invalid documents. What does this mean? keyboard_arrow_down
Is it necessary that my mobile number should be registered with Aadhaar while requesting online update? keyboard_arrow_down
Is amount ₹ 50 paid for the online update request refundable? keyboard_arrow_down
In how many days does the online update request get completed? keyboard_arrow_down
I want to cancel the online update request. keyboard_arrow_down
I have already updated the Date of Birth in my Aadhaar once. Can I update/ correct it? keyboard_arrow_down
How do I add my father’s / husband’s name to my address? keyboard_arrow_down
How can I submit my supporting documents in case of online update request? keyboard_arrow_down
How can I know the status of the online update request?keyboard_arrow_down
Does online demographic update request get verified while processing? keyboard_arrow_down
Can the Name be updated online?keyboard_arrow_down
Against my SRN/URN, I am seeing status shown as Failed Payment.keyboard_arrow_down