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How does the UIDAI protect the individual and their information?keyboard_arrow_down
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I have Enroled for Aadhaar number but I am yet to receive the Aadhaar number, Can I still file my Income tax return?keyboard_arrow_down
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I am already having a PAN number which I am quoting for filing of Income Tax return. Do I still need to quote Aadhaar number?keyboard_arrow_down
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What is the enrolment procedure for children below the age of 5 years?keyboard_arrow_down
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Where multiple address proofs are available for a resident (e.g... present and native), which proof would UIDAI accept, and where will it send Aadhaar Letter?keyboard_arrow_down
What is the option if the address indicated on the Proof of Address (PoA) document appears to be inadequate for postal delivery? Can additional information from the residents be accepted?keyboard_arrow_down